About us

We will give you context of what ZulaClub is inside and outside the game, that we represent as a community.
Surely you have heard a lot about our community, we want to specify that it was not created with a negative purpose, we do not have lucrative purposes, or anything beneficial for us as a community.
ZulaClub created at the beginning of 2018 by Agustín, one of the current leaders of the community, began as a one-person project and over time added players, friends and enemies. Being one of the smallest communities at that time, it took us a lot of work to become what we are today.
Our work is based on holding events for the community, we have been the authors of some tournaments within the community and interesting events during our service as a community, in addition to entertaining players with interesting proposals, we also provide feedback to help and encourage improvements in the game. becoming the protagonist of many good deeds carried out for the benefit of the Zula video game. Currently ZulaClub continues its trajectory with this title, avoiding abuses by a possible corrupt staff, our server is the fairest that you can find within the other communities of the game itself, we are wanting to generate a good impact among the players because With that we can achieve a greater impact and the more we are, the better things we will achieve.
Within this wiki we will teach you things you need to know, errors that can occur to you, illegal programs, among various things for the good of your account within the game.
Thank you for reading, we hope this information will be useful for you to get to know us.